Grace Chivell and all the other experts in this book reveal your road map for achieving the health, wealth, and lifestyle you deserve!

Grace Chivell has always had a great relationship with her clients. Building rapport has always been very important to her. She has a great ability to assess their financial position so that the right decisions are made. This has ensured her repeat business on a consistent basis.

Her fascination with numbers began at an early age when she attended a business and accounting course in High School. Grace was immediately employed in the banking industry after leaving high school and then acquiring many achievements in her 36 years’ experience.

Grace’s career has always been centred on face-to-face interaction which she feels is the key to communicating and building great rapport and trust with her clients which has ensured her continual repeat business. Grace is a life coach and personal development trainer servicing both individual and corporate clients to achieve their highest potential.

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